The name of our organization is the American Studies Association of Norway (ASANOR). The purpose of the American Studies Association of Norway is to encourage and support the serious study of the United States and its culture in Norway; facilitate communication and contact among those interested in American Studies in Norway; and maintain close affiliation with NAAS and EAAS.

Membership in the American Studies Association of Norway can be held in either of two categories: 1) Nordic Association for American Studies and ASANOR or 2) ASANOR alone. Enrollment in NAAS grants membership in the European Association of American Studies and the American Studies Association

The officers of the American Studies Association of Norway will consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and the Chairperson of the Endowment Fund for ASANOR.

The President will have the prime responsibility for ASANOR’s affairs, will in all regards lead in ASANOR conferences, and will serve as ASANOR’s chief liaison to the Nordic Association for American Studies.

The Vice President will serve as the President’s deputy, and assume authority in the President’s absence.

The Secretary (1) will be responsible for recording and publishing for membership approval the proceedings of ASANOR’s meetings; (2) will be responsible for the paid membership rolls of ASANOR.

The Chairperson for the Fund will be responsible for fund raising and will be the chief liaison between the ASANOR Board and the Trustee Board for the Endowment Fund for ASANOR.
The officers of ASANOR will appoint a Treasurer, who may be an ASANOR Board member.

The Board of the American Studies Association of Norway will always consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Chairperson for the Endowment Fund for ASANOR (the officers).

In addition, up to two additional ASANOR members may be elected to serve on the Board.
Board members will be elected for two-year terms.

One year before each Board election, the general membership at its annual meeting will elect a three-person Nomination Committee, which will subsequently submit its recommendation for the next ASANOR Board. Nominations shall be published six months before the elections. At the time of the election, nominations may be made from the general membership. Election shall be by secret ballot.

The ASANOR Board will allocate grants from the Endowment Fund for ASANOR not to exceed the amount recommended by the Endowment Fund Trustee Board.

An Endowment Fund for ASANOR Trustee Board consisting of three ASANOR members will be elected every five years. One member will be elected Chairperson of this Trustee Board.

These three Trustees of the Endowment Fund will serve as investment advisors to the Fund, lead fund-raising activities, annually recommend how much of the Fund should be awarded in grants, and report regularly to the membership and in detail to ASANOR’s board.

This constitution may be amended by majority vote at the annual ASANOR conference. Proposals for amendments must be made public at least three months before an ASANOR conference. Any such amendment will become final by a confirming majority vote at the subsequent ASANOR conference. In the interim, the majority-approved amendment(s) will govern.