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Option A:  375 NOK: The Full Package: ASANOR, NAAS, EAAS,
and Journal of American Studies in Scandinavia  
(Please pay before April 1 if you want the journal.)

Option B: 160 NOK:  ASANOR, NAAS and EAAS            

Option C: 100 NOK: ASANOR 


Option A: 325 NOK: ASANOR, NAAS, EAAS, and Journal of American Studies in Scandinavia 

Option B: 110 NOK: ASANOR,NAAS and EAAS             

Option C: 50 NOK: ASANOR    
Institutions: 260 NOK:
Only Journal of American Studies in Scandinavia      
(Does not include membership in AANOR, NAAS, or EAAS)                   
Please indicate when paying which membership category you are enrolling for.
● All payments MUST contain the payee’s name.
● Students MUST state STUDENT on their payments to enjoy the discount. *Senior, Lifetime, and 21st Century Members**: rebate of 50 NOK from the above prices.
**A 21st century member is a member who has made a NOK 1000 donation to ASANOR


Make your payment to the ASANOR membership account at:
Nordea Bank Norge ASA – Bergen
Allehelgensgt. 2
Postboks 1162, Sentrum
Account number 6420 05 43368
The IBAN number is NO5764200543368 and the Swift number is NDEANOKK.